• To train a small team of Haitians to become JusticeWater Staff with the end goal of establishing a self-sustaining Haiti team that can continue JusticeWater's clean water ministry in Haiti
  • turn each ISDP step into a day by day schedule
  • go to Haiti
  • put each Haitian through an internship
  • Slowly give each Haitian chances to take on leadership roles and progress them to the point where they can take on the responsibilities of JusticeWater Staff
  • Lack of clarity on when to fully start this plan
  • Lack of finances
  • Difficulty in getting real commitment
  • The team of Haitians lead out a Ripple Effect course in a DTS as well as the project to go along with it
  • Getting news of a successful project that the team has accomplished once I am back in the states.
  • Getting news of the new interns that the JusticeWater Haiti team is taking on
Spiritual Being
  • To understand the Bible much more in depth
  • read through the entire bible cover to cover reflecting on each book after its completion
  • use a book to help understand how the bible fits together as a story
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Confusion about why God would do certain things in the Bible
  • Not giving enough time each day to read the Bible
  • Each time I learn something new from the Bible, I understand God's character more and am able to love him more
  • In the face of trial or temptation, I recall passages in the Bible that will motivate me to have the right attitude and make the right decisions
Decision Maker
  • Make a decision about what next year will look like for me
  • explore all the options
  • talk to members of IJM about the different opportunities within the organization
  • talk to people who have served time in the military and inquire about their experience
  • take a look at the different schools that are available to me
  • Figure out what Future work with JusticeWater would entail
  • Lack of time to explore the options
  • Lack of mental clarity on what I want to do
  • difficulty hearing God's voice in the matter
  • A solid decision is made and I begin walking in that directions with no regrets

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