Spiritual Being
  • Use mysubplot to be intentional to myself and to help others
  • make mysubplot my home page
  • first 2 weeks add at least 3 stories
  • share this site with others I know
  • distraction
  • lazy
  • find other things that seem exciting
  • I don't give this a chance to develop
  • Images of me making sense of my life
  • me taking more risks
  • me dreaming bigger and accomplishing those dreams
  • resolution to things I have failed or thought I failed on
  • For my 10th wedding anniversary, go back to Jamaica with my wife
  • start to look at travel sites
  • budget
  • pick some potential dates
  • get passports
  • drop cable as a way to save money
  • Telling myself we can't afford to go
  • Procrastination
  • Picturing me planning the budget
  • Me buying the plane tickets
  • us arriving in jamaica

Comments and Discussion

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