• Graduate from Warner Pacific '13
  • Get my MDiv or an M.D. in Theological Studies
  • Communicate with current professors
  • Visit Graduate schools
  • Apply to Graduate schools
  • Find graduate writing samples
  • Seek out references
  • Trouble discerning post Bachelor's opportunities
  • Not seeking the support of current supports @ WPC and other
  • I get my Bachelor's degree
  • I get my master's degree
  • Able to pursue teaching
  • Write a Book
  • Organize my book/thought notes that are all over the place
  • Streamline my ideas to 3-5 major ideas
  • Focus to a single idea
  • Find someone that I trust to be transparent about my ideas
  • Seek advice/encouragement from one writer along the way
  • Keep writing thoughts, ideas, observations
  • Fear that what I have is not worthy to be said
  • Fear that I am not gifted enough
  • Fear that what I write will do more for my ego, than it will for the world
  • Turning in the text to a critical eye (Risk)
  • Finish the book
  • Get Published (If Possible)
  • Either make YL better than when I started or leave YL better than I started it
  • Support my leaders; enabling their gifts
  • Engage relationships with community
  • Build committee
  • Develop a deeper prayer strategy
  • Give kids responsibility/ownership
  • Enable churches to seek kids out relationally
  • Find more leaders
  • Create a deeper culture of being in the high school
  • Business
  • Failure in delegation
  • Losing sight of the basics: kids. incarnation. relationship.
  • Working for tasks instead of through gifts (myself and leadership)
  • Stable leadership if I depart
  • Options to expand into Mt. Angel (Kennedy High School) with confidence in our execution
  • SHS sees YL as a vital part of the Silverton community culture

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