Refreshed Person
  • Use holiday to spend time figuring out how to make healthy decisions for the next 4 months.
  • Lose some weight and enjoy eating healthy good.
  • Stop giving in to my laziness.
  • Go for regular walks during my holiday, just for fun.
  • Get some exercise tips from my amazingly fit cousins.
  • Make good decisions about using my time.
  • Feeling guilty about the time-spending choices that I've made.
  • Preferring "sitting on the couch" to going for walks just for fun!
  • Listening to the "tips" for exercise, but assuming they're unrealistic for me, for whatever reason. Over-thinking, and justifying my way out of things.
  • Not feeling more tired at the end of the holiday than at the beginning.
  • Seeing a smaller number on the scales at the end of the holiday.
  • Do a good job of typesetting and illustrating the book I'm involved in.
  • Finish the job in good time.
  • Get some more feedback from others involved.
  • Use time on holidays to do some more examples/trials.
  • Settle the format/ideas in my mind.
  • Not feeling confident about the illustrations.
  • Not setting aside enough time / Unrealistic to think I'll get anything done on holidays.
  • Not receiving feedback / Not using feedback well.
  • Getting final go-ahead from other team members.
  • Sending the book to the publisher.
  • Holding a printed copy of the book.
Spiritual Being
  • Looking after myself by taking a proper day off every week.
  • Write a weekly schedule that properly takes care of all the weekly tasks.
  • Trust God, that when I stop, he keeps going.
  • Feeling guilty about resting.
  • Not making the most of my time off, and not properly resting.
  • Thinking that my study day can suffice as a day off.
  • Feeling rested at the end of an actual day off.
  • Not wanting to quit!
  • That my friends will know that I love them and appreciate them.
  • Answer emails and FB messages that have been waiting for a response.
  • Write thank you cards/letters in response to engagement cards/gifts
  • Get up-to-date with snail-mail correspondence.
  • Time, or at least my excuses about not having enough time.
  • Lack of emotional energy or "bothered-ness".
  • General disorganisation.
  • Putting engagement thank-you-cards in the post box.
  • Having zero unread emails and FB messages.
  • No longer feeling like a "bad friend".
  • Learn Swedish - enough to hold a reasonable conversation with my fiancĂ© by January.
  • Add swedish learning time to my weekly schedule.
  • Take my "teach yourself" book with me more places.
  • Find as many nouns as I can to add to my memorisation software.
  • Have at least one conversation in swedish per week with my fiancĂ©.
  • Feeling like an idiot when I try to pronounce things.
  • Feeling apprehensive about opening the "teach yourself" book.
  • Feeling like I simply won't ever be able to do it.
  • Not giving it enough time / feeling that I can justify it on the schedule.
  • Realising the moment in time when I "think" in Swedish for the first time.
  • Having a conversation in swedish without feeling like an idiot!
  • Not feeling like such a "beginner" when I have a chance to take proper lessons.

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