Observer of my life
  • Awaken my role as a man. I am in my fifties, somewhere on the other edge of middle age. I played it safe for so long, never wanting to seize the adventure of living as a man.
  • I want to reawaken my role as a husband to my wife. This is God's greatest gift to me other than His Son. I want her to be my life partner in the great adventure of living
  • I want to reawaken my role as a father. My daughter is our greatest blessing. But, as a father, I have been distant and disengaged. How can I change that?
  • I want to build my relationships with my brother and his sons. These men are my 3 AM buddies. More than that, they stir my heart to reawaken my passion for the joy of living in Christ.
  • I want to be a man who positively impacts his community.
  • I want to rewrite my life story into something that leaves a legacy of hope, love, and adventure.
  • I need to confront my past. My life was not all it could have been. I am carrying too much baggage from my younger days. Whatever I discover cannot be what defines my future.
  • I need to confront my sins. There is so much of my life that has been hidden and now it needs to come into the light.
  • I need to deal with my grief. I've lost my father and my youngest brother. I need to deal with the loss.
  • I need to meet God on his terms and face his challenges. I need to find his will and purpose for my life so I can live in the fullness of his purpose.
  • There will be those from my past who will try to reinvent the realities I am dealing with
  • Satan will continue to remind me of my shame and guilt as I deal with my sin
  • My grief will undoubtedly lead to guilt and anger at my brother and my father.
  • As I encounter God, my own desire to lead my own life will undoubtedly try to take control.
  • What would be the perfect storm that would bring this all to fruition? I'm still trying to identify this.

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