Family Man
  • Love and support my wife and children to the extent that they can contribute greatly to the Kingdom of God.
  • Set aside a minimum of 2 hours of uninterrupted family time everyday.
  • Work, extra-curricular activities, being tired, exercise routine, tv, facebook, etc.
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary
  • Children's College Graduation
  • Healthy Grandchildren
  • Inspire, Empower, & Engage my students to positively change their lives.
  • Develop / Maintain Industry Leading Curriculum.
  • Pay special attention to the needs of each student.
  • Administrative workload, ever changing technology, external life circumstances.
  • 5 Apprentices in 2014
Web Developer
  • To Lift Up Positive Communities Through Inspiring, Empowering, & Engaging Media.
  • Create New Business Website.
  • Develop Bailey & Lj app.
  • Work, family time, exercise routine, tired, tv, facebook, etc.
  • $20k of Freelance Work in 2013
  • Self-publish Journey Notes book that will Inspire, Empower, and Engage people and communities around the world.
  • Write 1 article every 2 weeks (26 in 2013).
  • What if I run out of opinions or things to say? :)
  • 10K copies sold.
Athlete (wanna-be)
  • Live a strong, healthy, active life.
  • Exercise 4 times (minimum) per week. (Running, Insanity)
  • Lazy. Beer. TV. Buffalo Wings.
  • Complete Suncoast 10k in March < 60min.
  • Complete 10miler by August.

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