• Pursue physical beauty for him in the same manner I would if I were spending time with anyone else I considered to be important.
  • Share in household maintenance, and create a home of peace and respite.
  • Enjoy his company, his affection, his silliness...his Scott-ness.
  • Request wardrobe allowance.
  • Subscribe to a big girl fashion magazine.
  • Set an 8am alarm to go off daily.
  • Schedule a manicure; reschedule every three weeks.
  • Locate accountability partners for exercise plan.
  • Throw "National Hot Dog Day" party.
  • Chart out Perfect Week.
  • Create a Couple Calendar.
      • Raise a daughter that is prepared for the real world, not only academically, but socially.
      • Instill in her a belief that people, in general, are good at heart, and worthy of love and forgiveness.
      • Motivate her where she shows signs of greatness, and gently redirect her in areas of weakness.
      • Fill her library with stories of great people. Yard sale, anyone?
      • Schedule daily time to work solely on her education.
      • Plan a calendar of bi-weekly field trips, and invite her peers.
      • Choose a day to REALLY FOCUS on kindness! Find someone to hold me accountable for my words and actions that day.
      • Research "acts of service" opportunities that can be performed by toddlers.
          • Develop a first-line team of fifteen women that empower themselves and others through Origami Owl.
          • Create enough of an income to pursue my dreams (private school for Tessa, larger house with nice things).
          • Rise to the Executive Team Leader level in time for 2014 Convention.
          • Ultimately make it to the Executive Director career level.
          • Recruit three DIWs by the end of September 2013, giving me a total of five designers to mentor.
          • Build inventory per "Best Nest" PDF suggestions
          • Reserve flight and resort for National Convention.
          • Earn enough points to go on the Cabo incentive trip.

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