• Make a spiritual impact in an orphan kid, for him to complete schooling and get a good start in life.
  • Connect with a kid in need
  • Narrow focus to ones, i know i can work with
  • Verify as best possible, remotely, their need and status
  • Get schooling back on track, Complete Jr High
  • Continue and complete High School
  • Travel overseas to meet kid, and engage in orphanage visits to meet others
  • Apply to colleges for acceptance in USA for education, next step
  • Apply for Student VISA for kid to come to USA for College
  • Graduate College
  • Secure first Job in his home country, and continue with others, in some fashion
  • Every contact is nothing but a scammer
  • Remote contacts via a blog site, can never be trustworthy
  • First travel overseas and the meet, safety concerns
  • College level work needed in the US, compared to overseas education
  • the draw of everything in the USA, compared to a more difficult life back home
  • a 4 yr. College Graduation is great ! but for this kid to live a life of Impact and to be blessing onto others !

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