Spiritual Being
  • Become closer to God
  • Mature more in my walk in faith
  • Read my bible everyday
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Go to Colorado Leadership Summit
  • Join Fellowship of Christian Athletes when school starts
  • Trying to please all of my non-christian friends
  • Getting to live out God's plan for me
  • Discovering how great God's kingdom is
  • Learning new things about my spiritual gifts
  • Start running for the season
  • Break 20 minutes for 5k
  • Run a varsity race
  • Win an open race
  • Run
  • Go to practice after school
  • Get new gear
  • Laziness. And a lot of it.
  • Sweets (McFlurries especially)
  • Injuries, both recurring and new
  • Sleep
  • The cold/rainy weather
  • Winning a medal or ribbon
  • Being in shape and able to keep up with my cross country friends
  • Running with varsity during a workout and staying with them
  • Running Hilltop and not stopping
  • Find the college that is right for me
  • Narrow down my college search
  • researching colleges online
  • talking to my counselor
  • signing up to get info about the schools I look at
  • College Visits
  • Apply!
  • Too Lazy
  • Nervous about going to College
  • Not praying about it
  • choosing the wrong college
  • doing bad in school
  • Getting accepted to my dream school
  • Receiving Scholarships and other financial aid to the school I want to attend
  • Waving goodbye to the family after they drop me off for my first day of college

Comments and Discussion

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