Business Owner
  • To open a pay-what-you-can artisan cafe.
  • Create a rooftop garden for all the vegetables used in the cafe.
  • Outreach into the community involving high risk youth programs as a means to get involved in their community.
  • Be a host for small groups and other meetings to connect different circles of people.
  • Learning about rooftop gardens and how to have a successful garden.
  • Learn business logistics about what it takes to open a cafe as a non-profit.
  • create a menu with future options for recipes.
  • Find a location that will be good for business.
  • Find organizations with which to partner.
  • Coming up with the money to fund this project.
  • Staffing
  • Not knowing much about businesses.
  • Not making enough money to maintain the business.
  • Not knowing at what point in my life I'll be ready to begin.
  • Finding and putting a down payment on a location
  • Opening day
  • 1 year anniversary
  • Successful partnerships
Spiritual Being
  • Read the entire Bible.
  • creating a daily reading schedule.
  • setting reminders to stay on track.
  • create mile markers for progress checks.
  • Busy daily life
  • Simply not wanting to read for the day (or week).
  • Crossing off the last day on my schedule.
  • Starting again
  • Become a well-rounded guitar player
  • Playing an open mic. night on my own
  • Playing on a worship team
  • Get a Taylor
  • Practice frequently (3x's a week)
  • Play with friends and collaborate, learning from them.
  • Writing songs
  • Finding a worship team willing to work with me
  • Knowing scales and alternative ways of tuning
  • Negative reviews from others.
  • Making practice a low priority.
  • Playing an open mic. night.
  • Playing a worship set.
  • Get my Master's Degree
  • Find a career which feeds my soul and is meaningful.
  • BS in Human Services
  • Decide on a Master's Program
  • Find a school
  • Get into the program
  • Not knowing exactly what I want to do for a career.
  • Coming up with the money
  • Difficulty of the program
  • Graduating from my undergraduate program
  • First day of the Master's program
  • Graduating with my Master's
  • Finding The Job.

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