Spiritual Being
  • I want to get into the habit of reading God's Word on a daily basis.
  • Set a time to read the Bible daily.
  • Keep reading time set aside daily.
  • Getting "too tired" to read and getting off schedule
  • Being a better person by living like Christ after a year of studying His Word.
  • I want to grow closer to my wife by being fully present when I am with her and spending time daily with her.
  • Put phone away from 5-7 every night.
  • Do something every day to show love.
  • Not having the money to do what I want to do (trips, fun outings, etc)
  • Getting "too tired" to go on walks or to do things
  • Having no trouble getting rid of distractions to spend time with Kelsey and feeling closer than ever before after one year.
  • Stay on top of my friends and family's lives.
  • Call one of my friends/family members every day for two weeks.
  • Plan a Christmas party for my friends and family.
  • Trying to get everyone to come to the Christmas party with conflicting schedules and distance
  • Dislike of talking on the phone
  • Seeing all my friends and family members gathered together at the Christmas party.
  • I want to teach students more about God and have them become fully committed disciples of Christ.
  • Talk to Pastor Doug about leading Storyline at Monacrest to help people plan their stories.
  • Announce the Storyline class to the church.
  • Start the first day of class!
  • Getting people to sign up without knowing the impact it will have
  • The $30 fee for the book
  • Trying to catch people up who can't make it every week
  • Seeing youth and adult members at Monacrest envision their climatic scenes on the final day of the small group.
  • I want to become involved in the stories of people who are never visited because they are outcasts, "not worth it," or generally overlooked.
  • Email Javier about March trip to Cuba.
  • Get Kelsey to apply for passport
  • Determine money needed for the trip
  • Meet with Kathy about logistics
  • Start Spanish curriculum from Heartland
  • Not knowing what to do in Cuba when I'm the oldest and the "leader"
  • Not knowing enough Spanish
  • Not having enough money to pay for the trip
  • Sitting in the church foyer in Havana, seeing all my friends and Cuban family members.
Spiritual Being
  • Become motivated to live every day like Christ by talking with people who inspire me.
  • Call Bob Goff.
  • Send a copy of my house key to Bob Goff.
  • Fears of not knowing what to say in the moment
  • Actually having Bob Goff use the key I send him to come to my house.
  • I want to help my wife realize her subplot and role in God's story.
  • Get her to sign up for Storyline at Monacrest.
  • Misunderstanding the purpose of Storyline and thinking it has to do with dreaming up big ideas.
  • Watching Kelsey plan her own climactic scenes and then moving toward them.

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