Business Owner
  • Launch a jewelry line that supports Nashville women recovering from drug addiction and prostitution.
  • Spread awareness of Thistle Farms
  • Create jobs for women
  • Spread trendy, meaningful jewelry to boutiques/stores starting in Nashville and heading to ??
  • Find a means to tell stories of how God's radical love CHANGES US.
  • FInd a graphic designer to create a logo.
  • Launch website.
  • Business Planning- profit/donation/cost logistics.
  • Get business cards.
  • Create a sample box of jewelry to show boutique owners, along with a card sharing the meaning behind the line.
  • Long term- find enough business so I can start hiring women.
  • Time. Time. Time! Gotta stop being so busy!
  • Money. Not a lot of resources to put into this project.
  • Upkeep of website. I know nothing about computers or the world wide web. It's a miracle I'm on here!
  • Need a place to work as the business grows. If I hire anyone, they would be working in my living room.
  • Seeing business owners say they want to carry the line because they want to help support Thistle Farms.
  • Being able to hire women to help support themselves and maybe being able to raise money to help women across the globe. Once we realize how free and redeemed we are, we desire it for others. It would be cool to set a global focus in the future.
  • One day, a "Miriam" store. My line is named Miriam because after God leads the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt and across the Red Sea, Miriam picks up a tambourine and leads the women in rejoicing. We rejoice in victory because God is mighty to save.
  • Be intentional with a FEW.
  • That EVERYONE would feel my love.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Work on being a better listener.
  • Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
  • Encourage those around me, stir up passion, and pray through resistance.
  • Write down a few names each week to work on loving with my actions.
  • Call out in others gifts and strengths I can see in them.
  • Pray for my friends- with them and alone. Not letting my prayer time just be for my needs.
  • Pride.
  • Giving with no intention of receiving.
  • Learning to say "no".
  • Challenging each other. Lukewarm conversation sometimes seems so much more comfortable. That's resistance.
  • Being BOLD.
  • Restoration of broken relationships
  • Frequency with a few. Less hangs where I don't feel present.

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