• to be Tim's encourager and best supporter
  • to create a beautiful and safe home
  • to help team achieve all his dreams
  • to be beautiful and sexy for him
      • to be a person people know they can trust with their hopes and struggles
      • to help my friends see the beauty in their own stories and plans
      • to encourage my friends to succeed
      • to be the "easy" friend that doesn't require a lot of people
          • to help my church move forward
          • to be a catalyst for change in my church
          • to unify and help the church staff work well together
          • to create a communications plan that succeeds
              • to write regularly
              • to put the story of ordinary people down on paper
              • to submit stories for publication
              • to tell the story God wants me to tell
              • to fee like I have done something that matters
                  Conference Director
                  • to create a dynamic One Girl Team
                  • to bring more girls to One Girl to realize their value
                  • to lead humbly and well
                  • to help my team understand their purpose
                  • to live out the message of One Girl to my team and church
                  • adding a team to Basecamp so we can communicate with each other easily
                  • knowing that increasing the conference brand relies on a strong team
                  • conference has a deadline date that has to be met

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