Innovative Leader
  • Create a culture of worship at Fellowship that isn't simply music
  • Live a life I would feel comfortable seeing others emulate
  • Go through "Boundaries for Leaders" Book/Workbook over Summer of 2014
  • Learning to lead other musicians on Sunday mornings
  • Building confidence and resolve
  • Upholding boundaries AFTER establishing them
  • Leading an entire worship set, not having to rely on videos for new/special music
  • Create a ministry that I'm the "go-to" person for
Beloved Son of God
  • Spend time focusing on Daddy each day (write it in my planner)
  • Live worship
  • Be able to articulate the hope I have in Jesus
  • YouTube my 3 Minute Story
  • My unbelief
  • My pride
  • Meet one of my "spiritual grandsons" a man who was mentored by a man I mentored
  • Be involved with and create a community around cycling in the Chippewa Valley
  • Weigh 190 by May 17th
  • Have a strong core
  • 2014 MS 150: Riding For Rod
  • 2015 MS 150: Riding with Frank (& Friends)
  • 2015 Eau Claire Marathon Midnight Ride
  • 2014 Almanzo 100
  • Have Cycling Be a Means of Building Community and Advocating
  • Eating right (calories and nutrition)
  • Raising money for the MS 150
  • Keeping my cycling to myself
  • Letting me mind beat me on climbs
  • Crossing the finish line with Frank Foster after riding 150 miles
  • "Post Ride" Party of an event I planned
  • Ellen Wolfe's Smile and Financial Support
  • Teaching my (future) children to ride
  • Be present and empathetic during meeting
  • Talk less than 49% of the conversation
  • Go on one "Man-Date" per week
  • Trusting and investing in other men
  • Continuing relationships after being hurt
  • Restoring My Family relationships
  • John Goode being one of my groomsmen
  • Be sought out or recommended as a mentor
Hopeful Romantic
  • Maintain my physical and emotional integrity
  • Find my "media naranja"
  • Be good at dating FOR my future wife
  • Ask 54 women out for coffee in my 27th year of life
  • Budget for Dates
  • Asking Vs. 5k with Perry
  • Not asking, not being in position to ask
  • Over-investing Emotionally
  • Settling
  • Being in the hospital room with my wife for the birth of our children
  • Having my wife at the finish line of a cycling event (alongside me or waiting for me)

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