• I want people to see that worship is not an activity but rather an expression of praise and honor to the Creator God
  • Opportunities for worship
  • Bible discussion about who the Bible says God is
  • Traditional blocks that keep people from entering into worship
  • Objection to any other idea of worship aside from attending church service on Sunday morning
  • inspiration from seeing others worship
  • participation in service opportunities
  • people gaining the desire to speak about work God is doing in their lives (testimonies)
  • Lead GACC to be a praying church
  • challenging idle words
  • confronting low expectations
  • Annoyance at the silence
  • Traditional phrases challenged
  • Aggravation at extending opportunities
  • apathetic approaches to prayer
  • Public/corporate prayer time filled with the voices of members with prayers of praise and intercession.
  • Authentic prayer meetings
  • Prayer walks
  • Prayer vigils
  • Introduce men to Jesus.
  • Lead men to experiencing Truth (Jesus Christ) together.
  • Introduce men to the purposes God created them for
  • Connect with other men who are seeking to be who God created us to be
  • Teach to trust God deeper leads to being better men, fathers, husbands, leaders, role models and mentors.
  • Create pocket communities of men that share their struggles together
  • Introduce men to the freedom of Christ.
  • Experiencing lives of children with no father in their lives
  • Witnessing men hide their struggles until they crash
  • Witnessing men who want to "fix" others but are not willing to share their struggles
  • denial of conflict in their lives
  • resistance to opening up
  • avoidance of entering adventures or meetings
  • counterfeit expressions
  • men spending time together in prayer
  • men seeking to go on adventures together
  • men seeing their children as their first obligation to disciple
  • men defending the Truth with their lives, not just their words

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