• Love my husband
  • Strive to better understand his needs
  • Pray for my husband
  • Humble myself
  • My career taking my energy away from this
  • Having a new baby take energy from this
    • Love Isaiah unconditionally
    • Parent with an eternal perspective
    • Give as much of my quality time and attention as I can
    • Be an example for him
    • Maintain a strong marriage
    • Lack of humility
    • Balancing work with my role as a mother
    • Balancing my role as a wife and mother
      • Help to understand the needs of my friends
      • Be intentional about helping to provide those needs
      • Pray for my friends
      • Humble myself and put them first
      • Balancing a new baby and other roles with my friendships
      • Distance from many of my friends
        Spiritual Being
        • Become closer with God
        • Earnestly seek to learn more about Him
        • Identify and put aside my selfish desires keeping me from Him
        • Pride and lack of humility
        • Wanting control/believing I can do this on my own
        • Feeling stress from balancing multiple roles
          • Understand my role as a physician in God's story

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