• I will embrace joy, and hope.
  • I will seek to obey God.
  • I will be generous.
  • I will pray.
  • I will live out of my identity as His son.
  • I will slay my sin.
  • Set alarm & give the first of each day to God through a time of prayer and worship.
  • Memorize at least one Scripture each week.
  • Begin prayer journal.
  • Connect with a local church.
  • Give my money to an organization I love.
  • I won't get into a routine because I don't think it matters ("God is everywhere after all...")
  • Sin overwhelms me and I backslide.
  • I am in helping relationships with people and am able to give out of the overflow of my communion with my God.
  • Be an unstoppable badass husband.
  • Love my wife unconditionally.
  • Be faithful to her.
  • Do what makes her flourish.
  • Plan fucking date night.
  • Memorize her schedule.
  • Make her meals for work.
  • Finish at least one project a month.
  • B.S.F. reflections before bed (so don't get fucking drunk).
  • Kick porn habit.
  • Actively work towards intimacy.
  • Her personality offends me.
  • I let past sin dictate the present (refuse grace).
  • I get lazy and just go with the flow (so not punk rock).
  • Kick ass, solid marriage-friendship with Olivia.
Recovering Addict
  • Learn to move from sexual compulsivity to integrity and self-control.
  • Be honest with my wife and others.
  • Allow sobriety to reWire my brain.
  • Depend on God to satisfy me.
  • Help other addicts.
  • Install protective software on laptop.
  • Find accountability partner.
  • Write out triggers and study them.
  • I'm afraid of the consequences of leaving my idols and addictions behind.
  • Withdrawal is uncomfortable.
  • Relapse broods overhead.
  • Helping others.
  • Enjoying intimacy with my wife and others.

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