Spiritual Being
  • live my faith and communicate it to the world effectively, naturally, and wisely
  • extend grace and love to everyone by giving them time, attention, patience, and compassion
  • invite people to know God
  • Share Transparency with coworkers
  • Have in depth convo with coworkers daily (reach 1)
  • Potentially being ostracized and isolated
  • Lazy and inconsistent based on mood, busyness, shyness
  • Hearing from God and responding when my flesh doesn't want to
  • Seeing someone I reached out to come to Bible study or church
  • be a spiritual leader in my family and with my friends
  • confront situations that should be changed with courage
  • contact a family member or friend daily
  • Offer prayer
  • Contact JY
  • Offending someone
  • Committing time
  • Procrastination due to being uncomfortable with confrontation
  • Sitting at a gathering of family or friends discussing the Word and leading them in prayer
Business Owner
  • continue to build online magazine with quality, consistent, content that is compelling to readers
  • Contact favorite bloggers to contribute to site
  • Contact people you admire or interested in for interview
  • Write guest posts on other sites
  • Step up engagement with daily social media posts
  • Finding time to work on project
  • Coming up with new ideas to write consistently
  • Marketing/promoting the site
  • Responding to a flood of comments and tweets from articles on the site from my smartphone while commuting to work
  • provide guidance, support, encouragement for young men to help them mature in relationship with God
  • text scripture and encouragement weekly
  • Hang out once a month with a mentee
  • Working around job schedule for quality time
  • Being self-absorbed
  • A mentee telling me how God is using them to lead others to Jesus

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