Spiritual Being
  • I want God to be my first priority in life. I want to get to a quiet place (mentally & physically) at last 3 times a week. I want to practive the discipline of journaling and prayer. I want to daily preach the gospel to myself and those around me. I want to attend church regularly and serve alongside the church.
      Family Member (Sister/Daughter)
      • I want to invest time in my family, both mine and Brad's. I want to be in continuous prayer for our families, plan 3 visits a year to Brad's family and at least 1 visit a year to see my family. I want to be preaching the gospel to family through words and actions. I want to be intentional with my time with family.
          • I want my husband to feel loved as I cook weekly for him, encourage and uplift him, respect him, speak well of him with others, serve him, preach the gospel to him and pray for him. I want to plan date nights ever other month and him to plan alternately. I want marriage to be my second priority, second only to Christ and my relationship with him.
              Career - LTN
              • I want to connect men and women, 18-30yr, with nonprofits in need. I want to see these people's lives changed and in turn see them change the world/environment around them. I want to see LTN expanded to multiple cities and internationally. I want to see more lives changed because of relationships formed in LTN.

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