Community Organizer
  • I want to promote emotional, spiritual and physical health in community by creating opportunities to connect, be active, and develop as people.
  • Share meals with people more often.
  • Create beauty together and increase care for environment.
  • Get others involved with using their skill sets to teach and share.
  • Create a more friendly, supportive and interactive neighborhood.
  • pray individually and in group for this
  • learn more about neighbors, smile.
  • cook together
  • walk outside more
  • ask if I can help in some way
  • may be moving
  • career - time and distance from neighborhood
  • a block party with locally grown food, music in the street, and local art
  • I want to focus on 5-10 friendships to be very intentional about cultivating regular communication and depth.
  • I want to be a person that helps organize gatherings that foster fun and meaningful connection.
  • write cards / emails
  • schedule a time to regularly contact via email or Skype
  • select the friendships
  • start a small group
  • pray for these people
      Spiritual Being
      • I want to be an emotionally and spiritually balanced person
      • I want to exude peace and be able to read individuals
      • I want to be a wounded healer
      • I want to be lead by the spirit
      • I want to be more aware of scripture, word meanings and contexts.
      • create a scripture & mediation routine
      • read a spirituality and practical living book per month
      • journal 5 minutes a day
      • sit in silence 5 minutes a day
          • Become a spokesperson for trafficking awareness in my church / community.
          • Become an activist for women's education.
          • Impact young girls to see their value, have hope, develop their potential and passion.
          • visit a prison
          • train to be an amirah ambassador
          • learn something new for myself (art program)
          • research / read articles about trafficking
          • Select RSS feeds
          • find a girl to mentor in my community.
              • Strive for excellence in my role at work.
              • Become more efficient and effective
              • Exercise creativity for human flourishing
              • Develop taste, awareness and discernment
              • Become more affective in marketing and public relations
              • Develop better time management
              • Be a good manager of summer staff
              • set timed tasks on to-do-list
              • re-read job description weekly
              • pick some blogs to follow / RSS feeds
              • listen to pod-casts: sound opinion etc.

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