• To raise 100% of the budget.
  • To build relationships in the community through friendships, events, and social media.
  • To build number of people engaged with the church.
  • To launch Grace Groups and evangelistic studies.
  • To train other leaders, like Nathan.
  • Time setting goals every week.
  • Making these the most important parts of my work week.
  • Regular meetings with Nathan.
  • Fear of picking up the phone.
  • Busyness that prevents me from initiating.
  • Not being clear about the vision.
  • Not enlisting others.
  • Becoming fully funded, with a growing number of people from the community attending, and baptisms taking place.
  • To create a series of books that combine depth with life.
  • Create deadlines.
  • Write a book proposal.
  • Write daily.
  • Fears about my ability.
  • Being overwhelmed by the task.
  • Being too busy.
  • A book proposal is accepted by early 2014.
  • A book is written by the mid 2014.
  • Attain goal lean mass
  • Read theological books
  • Follow PN
  • Develop reading plan
  • Being tempted to compromise on food quality
  • Reading too many of the same type of book
  • Buying a new suit at my goal weight.
  • Regularly reading great books.
Husband, Father, Son
  • To aggressively pursue the joy of my wife
  • To build great relationships with my children and mother
  • Schedule a weekly date with my wife
  • Schedule monthly dates with my mother and kids
  • Busyness
  • No regrets in my relationships with my mother and kids
  • An joyful 50th wedding anniversary celebration

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