• Encourage my wife to grow
  • Create a life of joy for my wife and myself
  • Use our marriage as an opportunity to minister to others
  • Serve others
  • Travel to new places
  • Create some fun each day
  • Serve in community (church, small group, etc.)
  • Travel to more new places
  • Selfishness
  • Busyness
  • Distracting opportunities
  • Work (pressure to be "proud to be overwhelmed")
  • Strong community, deep friendships
  • Seeing my wife laugh at random times, often
  • Being in countries we've never been before, surrounded by people we cannot speak with
  • Be there for my siblings anytime
  • Encourage my family
  • Actively participate in my nieces' and nephew's lives
  • Time (far away, other things I want to do, etc)
  • It can be dull (hanging out with infants is not my thing)
  • They're not a part of my daily life
  • Having memorable times with family

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