• Go on missions around the world, at least 2-3 a year
  • Be a clinical Leader for nurses at work, someone dependable
  • Lead others to Christ by showing his love for others through me
  • Promote child sponsorship programs and work with r4c ministries
  • Schedule missions trips and raise/save money to go on them
  • Work with other missionaries, and Kim and David to find trips that will have a medical aspect to them
  • Work hard at work to show others that I am dependable and smart
  • While on trips and at home, use the talents that God has given me to bless others and spread his love
  • Finish child sponsorship program information
  • I tend to worry too much about how I will raise enough money to go on missions
  • I can be lazy and not want to work on things until the last minute
  • I usually have to save my own support in order to go on missions
  • I will be floating from hospital to hospital so my coworkers may not ever see me for what I can do
  • I tend to take on too much responsibility and cut important things out of my life on accident
  • I will have 3 scheduled mission trips within the next year and have them paid for 3 months before I ago
  • I am able to either gain a leadership position at work, or the respect from my coworkers to be able to lead them if I needed to
  • Someone, anywhere in the world on my mission trip has a better understanding of God's love because I was able to show them
  • Child sponsorship information is complete and people are getting quarterly updates
  • Be the best friend I can be to my loved ones around me
  • Not be selfish and help my friends in any way that I can
  • I want to be able to always tell the truth to my friends no matter what
  • Make new friends who share the same morals and understandings that I do in Texas when I move
  • Schedule more time with those that I love
  • Drop unimportant things or events when my friends need me
  • Be more active in church and Sunday school related to my age group
  • Find someone to go with me while I am looking so that I don't feel alone or awkward while looking
  • I often feel out of place and awkward when I try to attend social activities alone when I do not know people
  • If I am comfortable or feel busy, I may not want to drop what I am doing even though someone might need me
  • It is much harder to tell the truth when you don't want to hurt someone's feelings
  • Be involved in a life group or other social group affiliated with a church
  • Have days set up to spend with others
  • Be comfortable in my skin and confident
  • Not feel self conscious in public
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Goal of walking 60 miles in the month of May
  • Cook at least 5 days a week at home
  • Make a recipe book of simple healthy recipes and snacks for lazy and tired days
  • Too tired after work to want to cook
  • Not wanting to walk so much because of being tired or lazy
  • It is easier to go pick something up on the way home than to come home and make it
  • It is sometimes difficult to find quick and easy recipes that are also cost effective
  • Continuously maintain goals
  • Be comfortable in my own clothes by the end of the month, fitting slightly loose rather than tight
  • Have a full recipe book made up of favorite quick and easy recipes to supplement the more difficult, time consuming ones
  • Have multiple savings accounts designed for specific things
  • Save 3-6 months of expenses in a money market account
  • Consistently keep 1000 in the bank for emergencies
  • Start Roth IRA at new job
  • Open money market account once an extra 1000 is saved
  • I want to buy things more than I want to save the money
  • I get discouraged because of life events that do not allow me to save and end up wanting to spend the extra I have instead
  • Hard to find banks that I trust and like in new cities.
  • Officially have 6 months of expenses in savings
  • Enter and run a fun 5K
  • Be able to do a pull up
  • Earn next level belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
  • Start a boxing or MMA class with friends from work
  • Run on the treadmill or outside at least twice per week in between other activities
  • Consistently participate in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at least twice per week
  • Work to target different muscle groups every other day for upper and lower body strength
  • Sign up for a boxing or MMA class with friends from work
  • I find myself too busy to find the time to workout
  • I am tired or sleepy and will not want to wake up early to workout
  • I work 12 hour shifts so I might not want to go to Jiu Jitsu after work
  • It is difficult for girls to build upper body strength and I might be discouraged at not being able to do a pullup fast enough
  • I enter and run the entire 5K by Christmas 2014
  • I can finally do 1 pull up! - Goal is Christmas 2014
  • I earn a white belt with a strip in Jiu Jitsu - By the end of September
  • I am going to MMA Gym with coworkers after work - October 2014
  • Make good grades
  • Get into Nurse Practitioner School
  • Apply to Nurse Practitioner School for Spring 2015
  • Make a list of due dates in order to stay organized with school projects
  • List out deadlines of potential schools and apply
  • I am worried I will not get in to professional school because it is so competitive and I am so young
  • I don't like to study, I would always prefer to do something else
  • I tend to lose the lists I make
  • I apply and get into a nurse practitioner school.
  • I make a schedule and stick to it to finish my BSN and make all deadlines

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