• Help others discover their innate creativity.
  • Help disenfranchised artists/creatives connect with each other and God.
  • Lead creative and inspiring projects.
  • Schedule artist gatherings
  • Blog about creativity, inspiration and art.
  • Write creativity curriculum.
  • Time hogs.
  • Fear of putting myself out there.
  • Procrastination in scheduling logistics (meeting times, place, etc.).
  • Lack of attendance/attention initially.
  • Leading a gathering of artists sharing stories of struggle, inspiration and creating.
  • Write a book about creativity and/or beliefs.
  • Write in blog once a week... CONSISTENTLY!
  • Write the two short stories that are in my head.
  • Book recurring time in my calendar for writing.
  • Find a platform for delivering short stories (through my blog or a community site).
  • Competition with sleeping in, watching TV, surfing the internet, etc.
  • The resistance telling me that what I create will not be good enough.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with "regular job."
  • Announcing, on my blog, the publication (even if in e-book form) of my book/short stories.
  • Exercise 3-5 hours a week.
  • Play basketball 1-3 times a week.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Sign up for a marathon in November.
  • Respond to basketball emails, committing to show up.
  • Get back into workout regimen (pre-pack gym back at night).
  • Sign up for runner's club training.
  • Epic battle with the bed and snooze bar.
  • Fear of committing to a marathon (10 miles is my record, so far).
  • Concern that work is more important than pick up games of basketball.
  • Crossing the finish line in San Antonio after completing my first marathon in joyful exhaustion.
  • Spend time drawing or painting once a week.
  • Buy a butcher paper easel and acrylics for quick access to cheap art creation.
  • Visit area art studios and museums.
  • Spend time with other artists.
  • Fear of feeling and/or being discovered as a hack.
  • Feeling selfish for feeding my artistic soul.
  • Stepping back and admiring a "gallery" of paintings by me and Abbie.

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