• Supporter
  • Their Inspiration
  • More time together
  • support of the nieces and nephews activities
  • Time off will never be in sync
  • An awesome vacation with everyone together
Business Owner
  • Move to Tri-T
  • More consignment smokers
  • Sponsor a Cook Off
  • Land a contract for many smokers
  • Learn Spanish
  • Press Kevin and Mel to move production
  • Uses up all of my savings
  • Time, Energy, Fund raising
  • more of the constant delays
  • Ft. Worth Stock Show Big Hat Smokers and Grills Annual BBQ Cook-Off
Spiritual Being
  • Take on a Youth Small Group
  • Serve at the Well Cafe
  • Lead an Adult Small Group
  • Become a true Disciple and Leader
  • Get a group going with Generation Change
  • Take on a Leadership role at the Cafe
  • Take charge and lead a study
      • Find a together hobby. Guitar?
      • School becomes productive and enjoyable
      • Create a list of options
      • We are able to do homework projects together
      • Nothing will interest Riley
      • I won't follow through
      • We'll both give up
      • High School Graduation and a plan for Trade School or College
      Partner to June
      • Run 13.1
      • Run 26.2
      • Teaching a kids small group
      • Reconnect with Shawna
      • open and honest talks
      • partners in business
      • Hospital 1/2 marathon
      • Dallas full marathon
      • boys group coming or CR kids group
      • dinner
      • The defensive personality never goes away
      • My hang ups with the past never go away
      • Complete the Marathon
      • Complete commitment together
      • Attending each Sunday Well Service with Riley and Shawna

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