• I want my wife to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love her and value her.
  • I want to be creating and leading a family in which she finds as much fulfillment as she can.
  • I want to help her live a great story that she loves living.
      • I want my kids to choose to love Jesus.
      • I want to value the unique aspects of each of my kids.
      • I want to launch my kids into lives that honor God and inspire the people around them.
          • I want "to awaken possibilities in others" so that they, too will be living great stories within His Story.
          • I want to reveal God to people that don't notice Him and foster the transformation that only He can do.
          • I want to strengthen and mature faith when it's 'under-developed' or immature.
          • I want to lead the church in tearing down the gates of Hell that keep people far from intimacy with God.
              • I want to inspire people that I may never meet (and those who I've already met) to actions that propel them deeper into the heart of God and make the world a better place to live in by bringing it more into harmony with His Kingdom.
                  Disciple of Jesus
                  • I want to be continually growing more like Jesus.
                  • I want to follow Jesus into eternal life with His Father.
                  • I want to lead people to real life and reconciliation with our Creator.

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